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Open Burn Permit Information

1: Open burn season is from October 1st to May 31st unless otherwise noted due to conditions.

2: Burn permits are subject to the terms and conditions of use and must be produced at the request of a Fire District Representative.

3: Before burning, check weather forecast to determine whether or not it is a permissible burn day. No burning is allowed on red flag warning days or if winds above 10 mph.

4: Regular burn hours are sunrise until 2 pm, with absolutely no smoke visible after 3 pm. Responsible party shall extinguish and monitor the burn for a minimum of 2 hours after extinguishment. Hours are subject to change.

5: Burning of clean woody, forest, range, or yard debris is permitted. Burning of household trash and treated wood or lumber is prohibited!

6: Burn only if the wind is blowing 10 mph or less. Burn only those materials that would not cause noxious odors or a large amount of smoke. (NO Plastics)

7: Conduct open burning at least 50 feet from any structure or other combustible material. Conditions that could cause the fire to spread to within 50 feet of a structure shall be eliminated prior to ignition.

8: Burn piles shall be kept no more than 3 feet in diameter, 2 foot high and not less than 50 feet from structures or other combustibles.

9: Burn barrels are prohibited!

10: A garden hose connected to a water supply and other approved fire-extinguishing equipment such as shovels and rakes shall be readily available for use at all burn sites

11: All burns must be completely extinguished to ensure of not rekindling.

12: Any loss of control of fire is deemed neglect and permittee will be held financially and criminally responsible.

13: A permit is valid only under the conditions prescribed by law or by the District Chief relating to time, weather, burning specifications, firebreaks, and staffing requirements.

14: The permit does not relieve the user of any legal responsibility for the safe use of fire or allow burning to be done in violation of any State law, County ordinance, or local regulations restricting or regulating the use of fire.

15: Burn permits will be temporarily NULL AND VOID during suspension of burning by the District Fire Chief or their authorized representative.

Per Nevada Administrative Code NAC 477, any person who violates the terms or conditions of a burn permit shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and may be cited as such. The expense of responses to and suppression of any emergency incident that is the result of a violation of a permit may be charged to the Responsible Party whose violation caused the response of equipment and personnel.